The Summer of 2017 as a Top Ten playlist

OK, the summer is soon over – and somehow it feels like it never began, at least if you look at the temperatures: in Southern Finland, this was one of the coldest summers in many years (make that decades). No tropically hot nights that you could stay out in a t-shirt and look at the stars, for example… no, during midsummer it was 9°C at my small sauna-retreat, so had to light a fire and put on a fleece jacket. But quite honestly, it wasn’t that bad since too hot is boring as well and the rain didn’t ruin any events I attended like it sometimes does. A nice’n’easy +20 degrees is just fine by me.

Summers somehow have a special place in my heart, and I always get that melancholy and happy/sad feeling at the end of each one. Especially when you’re alone this emotional state gets amplified to eleven, and riding that wave out is easier with some tunes to accompany the emotions. Maybe because waves – be it sound or emotions – can cancel each other out, or some such shit?

Anyway, from spring to the beginning of autumn, here is my top 10 of the soundtrack to my summer this year (mostly new and some older music):

  1. Ablaze / School of Seven Bells

    This just starts my day and sets me on fire, anytime…
  2. Kept / Crystal Castles

    Not the original singer Alice anymore, this is still good music.
  3. Ready for the magic / Honeyblood

    Creepy video, great song!
  4. Bloodshot eyes / DWNTWN

    A band I’ve been following with some interest, they have some of the best melodic hooks anywhere.
  5. Less than / Nine Inch Nails

    Awesome video (Llamasoft)!
  6. The Body is a Blade / Japanese Breakfast

    Somehow a very pretty song. Cry, cry, sob, sob.
  7. Blue Pedro / Bullion

    Cheesy fun 🙂
  8. Step Two / Parov Stelar

    Heh, the lyrics… has that happy/sad club vibe.
  9. How / Daughter

    Heard it live during the Flow Festival last summer, still on my playlist because it is just such a monumentally beautiful song and a great ending to this summer as well.
  10. Deepest blue (Miami Nights 1984 remix) / Kristine

    Let the end credits roll, 80’s style…