The Playlist of 2020

A special year indeed has soon reached its end! And yeah, I made it alive too and most people I know. Safely working from home means that eating too much or slipping on the bathroom floor tiles is your worst danger, but I did also manage to get hospitalized for a few nights because of a tooth infection. That was a first, and certainly a reminder that things can go south pretty quickly.

But as I struggle with writing more stuff to get this blog (among other things) going, I’m going to at least compile some of the songs that helped me through this year here. Because music is power… and an easy way to write some content and link/embed the rest. Phew.

I Break Horses – Neon Lights

Lush, beautiful pop from Sweden that creates cinematic images and sequences in your mind if you just start listening to it. At long last ne stuff from this act, I still listen to a couple of the songs from the previous album. This is a sci-fi blast of happiness.

The Beths – Happy Unhappy

One band I stumbled across during the summer sitting in a cabin somewhere in Finland. This song somehow connected instantly.

Georgia – About Work The Dancefloor

Partying by myself during the summer to this tune was a common sight in 2020.

BT – Wildfire

A new album from master electronic producer Brian Transeau is always a small event. This time he’s gone full-on dad trance – or that’s how I’d best describe the album, but listen to this standout that is slightly derivative of his brilliant dance blast Tomahawk from a previous album, now with lyrics. And dance!

Erasure – No Point in Tripping

Wow! These guys are still around, true to their style… and this is a solid synthpop track that provides poppy energy while having that vintage analogue synth sound to it – Andy still has a great voice and Vince a knack for melodic hooks.

Future Islands – Plastic Beach

End of summer -vibes with enough energy to take you into the next spring. Also, not littering the seas with plastic is important.

Inon Zur – Liberty Lives

I spent some time playing Fallout 4 again in the spring because I was in the mood for some post-apocalyptic stuff for some reason. And wow, it was a lot better than the first time I made an effort of it. The music is really a high point of the game and this theme really makes my eyes moist every time because it’s just so heroic and… well, if you’ve played the game you know what a feeling it is taking back the Castle, what it means. We will take back our world from Covid-19 too, and you can play this theme! And cry!

Dubstar – Hygiene Strip

An early christmas present from one of the best British pop acts ever, and a nigh on perfect song to wrap up this year.

A bit high on energy and dance beats perhaps, but that’s how it is this time. Have a good end of 2020!